Announcement of the 37th IPMS-Hellas National modelling Expo and competition

37th IPMS-Hellas National modelling Expo and competition Announcement

37th IPMS-Hellas National modelling Expo and competition

Technopolis City of Athens

(Gazi, Pireos 100, Athens, Metro: “Keramikos” station)

26, 27, 28 OCTOBER 2018


Anniversary Tributes – Special themes:

100 years since the end of the WWI

R.A.F. Centenary

70 years of Airfix



  1. Participation

A1.  Anyone is entitled to participate in the IPMS-HELLAS Modelling Expo And Competition, regardless of whether one is a member of IPMS or not.

A2.  Participation is free for IPMS members and minors under 16 years of age. For non-members, or non-paid-up members, the participation fee is 10€ for the first exhibit and 5€ for each additional exhibit, regardless of the number of exhibits. For group entries the participation fee is 5€ per model/exhibit that is part of the group entry. This amount is paid upon submission of the exhibits.

A3.  Pre-registration

Α3.1 Pre-registration of exhibits/models for the expo/competition is mandatory. To this end and for the convenience and better organisation of the event by the Organising Committee as well as the coordination of the Judges' Committee each contestant must submit a pre-registration form, electronically (via the website: ( (recommended), or alternatively via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. by Sunday 21.10.18, 24:00 at the latest.
 If there is no internet connection available the pre-registration can be sent via mail in printed form, to:

         IPMS Hellas, Daidalou 23, 163 41 Ilioupoli, Greece

        marked "Pre-registration 2018" postmarked 15.10.18 at the latest. The entry form must include the participating models' details (title / scale / category / class / manufacturer / Greek subject / glued to base / Participation in Special Theme or Tribute or for a Special award / comments).

        The comments field may include construction details, use of after-market or conversion sets or other improvements made, for the information of the Judges' Committee.

Α3.2 Exhibits that have not been pre-registered shall not be accepted for the expo/competition. In exceptional cases which shall be examined in situ by the Organising Committee, it is possible for exhibits that have not been pre-registered to be accepted, but in such cases there shall be a mandatory payment of a fine of 10 € per exhibit. This fine applies to all (both IPMS members and non-members).

A4.  Submission - return of exhibits, exhibition timetable

Α4.1 Submission of entries is strictly on Thursday 25th October 2018 (18:00-22:00), Friday 26th October 2018 between 12:00 to 22:00. Models submitted after the expiration of the above deadlines shall necessarily be placed out of competition (ΕΣ). Exempt are models for which prior and timely special arrangements have been made with the organising committee (this must be via the society's e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) concerning their submission and return times and dates (e.g. group entries from other parts of Greece etc) as well as the persons authorised for this.

Α4.2 The exhibition will be open to the public as follows:

  • Friday 26 October 2018 12:00 to 22:00
  • Saturday 27 October 2018 09:00 to 22:00
  • Sunday 28 October 2018 09:00 to 18:00

Α4.3 The entry ticket is valid for 3 days and costs (2) Euro, for all visitors over 12 years old. Admission for participants and paid-up IPMS-Hellas members is FREE.

Α4.4 The competition's awards ceremony will be held on Sunday October 28th, 2018 (17:00 to 18:00).

Α4.5 Return of the exhibits is strictly on Sunday 28th October 2018 after 18:00 and until 20:00. After 20:00 the Organising Committee shall no longer be responsible for the safekeeping of the models.

A5. Strict order of priority shall be observed during the arrival of the exhibitors. Once the available space has been taken up no further participations shall be accepted.

A6.  During the placing of the exhibits on the tables, a free space of min. 5 cm shall be kept around each model for the optimal presentation of the exhibits.

A7.  The models participating in the competition must be the handiwork of the participating modellers. Models built by third parties shall be placed out of competition (ΕΣ).

A8.  Models that have participated and been awarded in previous IPMS-Hellas competitions shall be placed out of competition (ΕΣ).

Α9.  In order to serve the maximum possible number of modellers/exhibitors and due to space restrictions the maximum dimensions of an exhibit or of its base are limited to 50x50 cm. The Organising Committee reserves the right to accept or reject exhibits of larger dimensions space permitting. In such cases timely notification of the Organising Committee, before the event, is required and it is recommended that the exhibit's dimensions are indicated in the comments field during pre-registration. The participation fee for exhibits with dimensions above the maximum acceptable (50x50 cm) is 25 € per exhibit and is applies only for non- IPMS members.

A10. Entries which, at the discretion of the Organising Committee, may offend public sentiment shall not be accepted.

A11. The 37th exhibition (2018) has the following Special themes and Anniversary tributes:

        A11.1      100 years since the end of the WWI

        A11.2      R.A.F. Centenary

        A11.3      70 years of Airfix



  1. Categories – Classes

B1.  Participants bear the sole responsibility for the correct placing of an entry in a category and class. Therefore special attention should be paid because in the event of incorrect registration the Judges' Committee shall place these models out of competition.

Β2.  The competition Categories have changed since the previous competition (the 36th) and are announced separately.

B2.  Competition Classes

There are three classes in all above categories:

  • "N1" (Junior 1) for young modellers up to 12 years of age,
  • "N2" (Junior 2) for young modellers aged 12 to 16,
  • "E" (Standard) for adults, and
  • "Π" (Master) for experienced modellers.


B4.  Anybody who wishes to do so may compete in the "Π" (Master) class and it is compulsory for those included on the relevant list kept and updated by the Organising Committee. Stricter award criteria apply to the "Π" (Master) class.

B5.  Models may participate in the expo out of competition (ΕΣ). The participation fee shall be the same with the competing entries. Models placed out of competition are not eligible for any of the awards sponsored by IPMS-Hellas.

B6.  Judges are NOT permitted to compete and are obliged to participate out of competition (ΕΣ).

Β7.  Once the class has been filed in on the entry card and its participation has been finalised, no changes shall be accepted.

B8.  The Organising Committee reserves the right to modify the above categories if deemed necessary.


Β9.  Clarifications on the above & Definitions

Β9.1 Also eligible for participation in the competition are models made of wood, resin, metal, PVC and relevant plastic materials, as they share a common assembly procedure with plastic kits.

        Β9.2    Ready made models, i.e. not kits, are accepted only if they have undergone substantial conversion and improvements or if they are part of a diorama setting. Please note that 1:1 scale models of weapons shall not be accepted.

Β9.2 A conversion is defined as the total work resulting in a model of different sub-type to that provided by the kit. An alternative paint scheme or the use of markings other than those provided by the kit is not considered a conversion.

Β9.4 An extensive conversion (e.g. a soft-skin vehicle with new bodywork or a tank with a scratch-built turret etc) is defined as the model 50% and above of which is not made up of commercially available parts. The use of commercially available conversion kits is not considered an extensive conversion.

Β9.5 A scratch build is defined as the model whose main components (e.g. aircraft fuselage and wings, tank hull and turret etc) are not made up of commercially available parts but have been built by the modeller in any way.

Β9.6 For modifications, extensive conversions and scratch builds, points are awarded for the accuracy / realism of the final result and not the amount of effort that has been put into the model.

Β9.7 A base of any type is allowed provided it does not exceed the model's dimensions by more than 5 cm all around.

Β9.8 A diorama is defined as a model or a group of models on a common base, which depicts an activity or a situation in a relevant environment. A diorama is judged as to its central concept and the depiction of its individual components and not based on its scale or size.

Β9.9 A "Theme collection" is defined as a group of five (5) or more models provided they share a common theme, which shall be clearly described in the entry form.

Β9.10 All Figures (Foot, mounted, busts, flat, small-scale, armies, dioramas or figure vignettes, either of historical themes or Fantasy, Monsters, Wargame Vehicles, from commercially available kits or converted or carved from scratch) are placed and compete in the relevant class of the 4th group and in the class that the participant wishes. Additionally, the pre-registration form shall include a relevant field for the exhibits participating in the Paintathlon (par. D3.1).


  1. Judging

C1.  The models in each competition category are judged by a Judges' Committee of at least three (3) members. The judges are IPMS Hellas members and modellers specialised in the field they are judging. Their names shall be published on the IPMS-Hellas website at least two months prior to the event. The smooth functioning of the Judges' Committee is ensured by the Chief Judge who shall be appointed by the competition's Organising Committee and the IPMS-Hellas Executive Committee.

C2.  The Judges' Committee members act under the standard procedures laid down by the Organising Committee (IPMS Hellas Competition Judging Regulations) which are announced separately. Each judge shall award marks using a Rating Scale from 0 to 100. Models shall be rated and awarded based on their total score (Average / MO).

C3.  The Judges' Committee will have Friday 26th October 2018 and Saturday 27th October 2018 to judge and provide the results to the OC until 18:00. After the expiry of this deadline none of the judges are entitled to change their assessment. On the morning of Sunday, October 28th 2018 between the hours of 10.00-12.00 the participants may meet with designated representatives of the Judges' Committee for advice on their models.

C4.  The results for the 37th Competition, which are final and irrevocable following the completion of the Judges' Committee work, shall be announced on Saturday, 27 October 2018 (in the afternoon).

C5.  Objections on matters concerning the competition shall be accepted only for serious misconduct and breach of rules and shall be immediately dealt with by the Organising Committee and the IPMS-Hellas Executive Committee.

C6.  For a model to be eligible for a competition award it must satisfy at least the terms and criteria laid out in the "IPMS Hellas Competition Judging Regulations" These terms and criteria vary for each of the competition classes.

C7.  For each class of every category gold, silver and bronze awards are awarded and if warranted by the quality and number of entries commendations.


C8.  Special awards

C8.1 The Judges' Committee shall award the following special awards:

C8.1.a    Regardless of category:

         Best Greek Aircraft, Military, Naval, Civilian and Figure entry as well as an Award for the Best of the Show (acc. to par. C8.1c below).

C8.1.b In each category:

         Award for the best exhibit in the category ("Best Category"), i.e.: Best Aircraft, Best Military Model, Best Naval model, Best Civilian model, Best figure, Best Fantasy /Miscellaneous and Best Diorama (regardless of subject).

C8.1.c    Regardless of category:

         Best of the Show award, this shall be selected by a special vote among the Best Category awards selected by the Judges:

C8.2 Awards for Special themes – Anniversary tributes, regardless of category:

  • Award for the Best "100 years since the end of the WWII" SIG exhibit.
  • Award for the best "RAF Centenary" SIG
  • Award for the best "Airfix" exhibit.
  • Award for the best Civilian Diorama (e. a non-military themed diorama, inspired by civilian life).

C8.3 Other Special Awards.

  • The "George Dorkofikis Award" for the best Civil Aircraft exhibit, in honour of the IPMS Hellas Executive Committee member George Dorkofikis, who passed away so prematurely.
  • The "Alekos Haitoglou Award" for the best Greek Armour exhibit, in honour of Alekos Haitoglou, an Honorary IPMS Hellas member, who passed away so prematurely.
  • The "Diamantis Nikolaou Award" for the best Vietnam War exhibit, in honour of Diamantis Nikolaou, an IPMS Hellas member, who passed away so prematurely.
  • The "Diamantis Nikolaou Award" for the best Vietnam War exhibit, in honour of Diamantis Nikolaou, an IPMS Hellas member, who passed away so prematurely.
  • The "Elias Daloumis Award" for the best Greek exhibit, sponsored by the founder of IPMS Hellas, Mr. Elias Daloumis.

C8.4 Special prizes may be awarded by sponsors, guests clubs etc, at their absolute responsibility as to the choice of models and the type of award. The Organising Committee must be informed of these awards no later than Saturday 27th October 2018 at 18.00, via a special form that shall be available for this purpose, so that they may be included in the program in time for the awards ceremony. Exceptionally these special awards may also be awarded to exhibits in the out of competition (ΕΣ) class.


  1. Various

D1.  The Organising Committee reserves the right to dispose of gifts donated by the sponsor's according to its own judgement. The prize draws and the lottery will be held on Sunday 28th October 20185 at 14:00.

D2.  The Organising Committee reserves the right to modify the above articles according to its own judgement and if the situation demands this.

D3.  Simultaneously and at the same venue as the 37th I.P.M.S. - Hellas Nationals the following shall take place:

        D3.1 The 6th “Paintathlon” Armies painting competition regarding Fantasy models.

        D3.2 The 7th Historical Re-enactment Show in the Technopolis outdoor area, with the participation of restored historical vehicles and re-enactors.

        D3.4 “Make & Take” for children

        Relevant instructions – rules shall be announced separately.

D4.  Participation in the competition implies the full knowledge and acceptance of all the above exhibition - competition terms and rules.


D5.  General Operational Rules for the Exhibition

D5.1        The exhibition area during the competition, is the absolute responsibility of the Organizing Committee, whose members retain the right to remove from the halls any person not conforming to the operational rules , any person who does not comply with their instructions and finally does not maintain a correct and courteous behaviour

D5.2        Photography and video recording of the exhibits is permitted. For the safety of exhibits, photographers should not approach very close to exhibits, compulsorily wear any camera wrist/neck straps and not have any other loose hanging straps or objects. The use of a tripod is permitted only following the notification of the Organizing Committee's responsible person.

D5.3        It is forbidden for visitors and exhibitors to touch any exhibits for the duration of the expo. The same applies for the judges, with the exception of the period during which the judging takes place and only with the use of special gloves. Anyone wishing to correct something on an exhibit or make a suggestion about the position of the exhibit may do so only by contacting the members of the Organizing Committee.

D5.4        Within the exhibition halls of exhibits, the following are strictly prohibited:

  • Smoking and vaping (use of electronic cigarettes)
  • The carrying and consumption of all kinds of foodstuffs and drinks.
  • The carrying of pets.
  • The carrying of bulky items which at the discretion of the Organising Committee are dangerous for the safety of exhibits.

D5.5        It is prohibited for anyone to lean on the exhibition tables and place personal belongings on them.

D5.6        Any visitor's presence in the competition halls implies the knowledge, full acceptance and conformance to all the above rules.


For the Executive Committee and the Organising Committee

of the 37th I.P.M.S. Hellas Expo and competition

The Executive Committee Chairman

Stavros Soulis (IPMS 228)

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